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One possible way to prevent the pathogenic consequences of dental plaque formation might be the modification of the tooth surface by application of an anti-adhesive coating that interferes with the bacterial accumulation.

Dentcoat tooth protection takes advantage of the principle of self-assembled mono- and multilayers, which is one of nature’s tried and true concepts. For example, phospholipids organize in solution spontaneously into thermodynamically stable, defined micelle structures, to create cell membranes. Dentcoat makes use of molecules’ ability to self-assemble, and thus the SiO2 compound (liquid crystals) bonds firmly to enamel/dentin structures to coat the enamel. The result is an extremely smooth bio repulsive surface, which leads to greatly reduced protein and microorganism adhesion.

– Andreas Teichmann, Scientist / Inventor of Dentcoat –


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Tooth protection and natural whitening